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General Description

The CME department was established to look after Continuous Professional Development needs of clinical staff in KFSHD. CME Department continuously searches and exploits the
opportunities that promote fulfillment of its mandate. CME activities can vary from departmental Journal Club to major International Conference. As the plans get implemented, the department will progressively cover not only major CME events but all CME participation by KFSHD staff- as attendee I Faculty and in KFSHD I non-KFSHD activities. Major initiatives are being implemented to leverage technology (webcasts, streaming video of recorded CME activities, etc.) to make world class CME activities of globally recognized organizations available to KFSHD staff, at time and location that are convenient to them.


Services Provided

  • Selection, planning and execution of Major CME events in the Annual KFSHD CME Calendar.
  • Documentation of policies, procedures, guidelines, techniques and tools for facilitation of KFSHD CME activity.
  • Oversight, quality control, reporting, performance improvement and facilitation of all KFSHD CME activities.
  • Accreditation of all KFSHD CME events with the Saudi Council for Health Specialties.
  • Webcasting of CME events of globally recognized healthcare organization.
  • Processing of leave and cost reimbursements related to external CME events attended by KFSHD staff.



  • Comprehensive CME Departmental Manual prepared and is available on KFSHD Portal for use by all stakeholders.
  • Four policies and 18 forms related to CME process approved and posted on KFSHD Portal.
  • 364 CME activities with total of 2623 SCFHS accredited CME credit hours have been conducted in KFSHD from 2008 till end of Q3/2011.
  • Of the above 46 were Major CME events with total of 648 SCFHS accredited CME credit hours.
  • Total CME attendance for year 2010 was> 7000; while 2011 attendance has has already overtaken it and stands at 7127 at the end of 03.
  • KREW2010, the flagship week-long multi-disciplinary CME event consisted of 72 sessions by 181nternalional & National faculty with more than 1400 attendees.
  • Webcasting of CME programs by globally recognized organizations started with collaboration with Rosewell Park Cancer Institute, Cleveland Clinic, etc.
  • Hospital Grand Round (a multi-disciplinary CME activity) initiated and are being conducted as regular activity.


Future Prospective

  1. Following initiatives are being pursued for the purpose of providing better CME support to KFSHD staff members:
    Comprehensive CME Webcast support: 4-10 per month. To be broadcasted at hospital auditorium and also available on individual user computers.
  2. eCME: Collection of electronically doable CME activities that can be done by users at the time and place of their convenience.
  3. Comprehensive CME Management System: This system will facilitate planning and execution of all KFSHD CME activities and also help integrated management of all CME activities by the KFSHD staff.


Contact Us

Ms. Marizel Bernable, AAA Secretary
Tel: +966(3)843-1111    Ext.: 6440

Dr. Suhas Balirm Mhatre, CME Organization Specialist
Tel: +966(3)843-1111    Ext.: 6810

Ms. Hanadi Theiga, Academic Coordinator
Tel: +966(3)843-1111    Ext.: 6825

Mr. Faris Al Zayer, Academic Coordinator
Tel: +966(3)843-1111    Ext.: 7010

Ms. Sabika Al Dossary, Academic Coordinator
Tel: +966(3)843-1111    Ext.: 6858