Scope of Service

  • HRPA is responsible to increase patient’s protection through developing and implementing a research compliance program that meets the requirements outlined by the National Committee of Bio Ethics (NCBE), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP).


  • The compliance office in the HRPA Conducts for-cause and random on-site Post Approval monitoring and auditing to assess compliance of the investigators and research staff to the ethical and regulatory requirements and assists investigators in quality improvement activities.


  • The HRPA is responsible to deal with any conflict between the investigators and the Institutional Review Board (IRB).


  • HRPA provides clarification and guidance, develops educational programs and materials, maintains regulatory oversight, and provides advice on ethical and regulatory issues in biomedical research.


  • HRPA Provides education and training to investigators, research staff and IRB members in the research ethics through on line courses, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) & Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) and through workshops and lectures.