In order to achieve its Mission and Vision, KKMC-CHR will continue to provide the following services: 
Protocol Development and Study Documents Preparation in Research Clinics
In case of the research activity initiated within KFSHD, approval of the chair of the initiating department is considered a must to ensure usefulness, feasibility and scientific validity of the research. After this, the Principal Investigator (PI) is provided further consultation and processing of the research project by the KKMC-CHR. This is done through the Research Clinics conducted by KKMC-CHR where PI and the research team meet with KKMC-CHR staff for extensive discussion for enhancement of the proposal along with the required forms and other documents. A file is created for each study and given an identifying serial number and placed in the access-controlled KKMC-CHR Archive Room. This file is taken as the basis for all further actions for research by PI and its supervision by KKMC-CHR.
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Research Clinics
Research Clinics are prescheduled meetings between the Research Team (Principal Investigator and Study Team) on one hand and the Research Administration Team on the other hand (Assigned Clinical Research Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants, Statisticians, Scientists, and IRB Coordinator). Members of the research clinic discuss protocol development, protocol maintenance, data management, budget solutions and grant submissions, contract development and management, IRB and regulatory requirements. 
Multiple Research Clinics might be held for the same Research, and the meeting might last up to two (2) hours.
Statistical Support
All research protocols coming from internal or external investigators are given statistical support by the KKMC-CHR. 
       • Validation and analysis of data.
       • Data analysis & presentation. 
       • Educational Workshops 
Educational Activities
Researchers training program aims at providing research training opportunities for KFSH-D staff interested in research and to help ensure development of well qualified and highly trained researchers at KFSH-D and to foster research culture within KFSHD. 
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NIH Training (Students/Interns)