The 1st International
Immunology Symposium & Workshpos Targeting
"PID" Diagnosis

December 08-09, 2019

Carlton Al Moaibed , Dammam, Saudi Arabia

About The Symposium

Welcome Message

Message from the Symposium Chair

Dear colleagues;
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you for the 1st immunology symposium & workshpos targeting primary immunodefeciency diseases "PID" diagnosis in Dammam. This meeting has been set forth in an effort to increase medical awareness towards a group of disorders though relatively rare, is very critical and important in our area which is the primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID). Over the past 20 years, extensive research and technological advancement have furthered the scientific understandings of immune system, leading to improvement in the early diagnosis of PID. The classification of PID has expanded dramatically as a result of increased knowledge and physicians are able now to diagnose immune disorders much earlier and provide more targeted therapy. The meeting will gather pediatricians, immunologists and laboratory specialists in one room to share their experiences and interest in this field. The meeting will facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge between them and address the importance of communication between them. The meeting will provide a comprehensive educational program and hands-on work shop on some laboratory assays commonly used to diagnose PID. Distinguished speakers and leader clinicians in PID in the Middle East area and immunologists nationally and internationally will provide up-to-date knowledge in the classifications and types of PID and the latest laboratory assays and advanced functional and molecular technologies currently used to diagnose PID, Breif touch on aquired immunodefeceincy and immune reconstitution post BMT will be also included in the program.

Who should attend?

General practitioners, primary care and family physicians, immunologists, laboratory technologists, nurses, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, clinical immunologists, allergologists, fellows, BM Transplanter and students . On behalf of organizing committee I would like to express my sincere thanks to all distinguished speakers, chair persons and the organizing team of this meeting. Best wishes for a successful and rewarding event and see you soon in Dammam .

Rabab Al Attas, MD, D (ABHI), D (ABMLI)
Director, Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (HIL)
Head Section of Immunology/serology Laboratories
Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine
King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Dammam (KFSH-D)

About The Symposium

The 1st Immunology Symposium & Workshpos Targeting "PID" diagnosis in Dammam is a two-day event starting from Sunday December 08, 2019 until Monday December 09, 2019 in - Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The Symposium is pre-accredited by the Saudi Council for 14 CME hours. The Symposium will be honored by international and national speakers including Dr. Waleed Al-Herz (Consultant, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University) and Dr. Michel Massaad (American University of Beirut, Lebanon), and others.


Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel

Recreation Center, King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Dammam


8 December 2019

9 December 2019

Scientific Program

Registration and Coffee

SESSION 1: PID overview
Dr. Reem Al Hayek & Dr. Faris Alenzi
Dr. Rabab Al Attas

Approach to suspected case of PID; laboratory perspective

Dr. Rabab Al Attas

Dr. Waleed Al Herz

The Extended Spectrum of Phenotypes of PID

Dr. Waleed Al Herz

Dr. Sulaiman alGazlan

Diagnosis of PID in Adults

Dr. Sulaiman AlGazlan

Q & A period

Coffee Break + Opening ceremony

SESSION 2: Laboratory Assays for PID Screening
Dr. Heba Raslan & Dr. Rabab Al Attas
Dr. Michel Massaad

Uses of Flow Cytometry for Diagnosis of PID/CID

Dr. Fayhan Alroqi

Dr. Michel Massaad

Functional assay in SCID/CID

Dr. Michel Massaad

Dr. Hamoud Al mousa

New Born Screening for SCID in S.A

Dr. Hamoud Almousa

Dr. Michel Massaad

Molecular Approach for Diagnosis of PID

Dr. Michel Massaad

Q & A period

Lunch Break / Prayer time

SESSION 3: Selected PID Phenotypes
Dr. Omer Shamdeen & Dr. Gehad Elghazali
Dr. Hassan Alhashim

PID with Predominately Antibody Deficiency

Dr. Hassan Alhashim

Dr. Suzan Al Khater

Innate Immunity defect

Dr. Suzan Al Khater

Dr. Waleed Al Herz

Characteristics of PID in the middle East and North Africa

Dr. Waleed Al Herz

Dr. Sulaiman Algazlan

Complement Deficiency

Dr. Sulaiman Algazlan

Q & A period

Coffee Break / Prayer time

SESSION 4: Immune Reconstitution & Vaccination Post BMT
Dr. Yamama Al Geshi & Dr. Yahya Alfifi
Dr. Saleh AL Muhsen

Immune Reconstitution and Recovery Post HSCT

Dr. Saleh AL Muhsen

Dr.  Hadi Al Qahtani

Patterns of Pathogen in PID/ Vacination in King Fahad Specialist Hospital-D

Dr. Hadi Al Qahtani

Q & A period

Recreation Center (RC-KFSH-Dammam)


Workshop I: Phago- burst test assay

Main Lab- Flowcytometery

Workshop II: Lymphocyte subset analysis

HIL- Building 6

Lunch Break & Prayer Time

WORKSHOP I: Lymphocyte subset analysis

HIL- Building 6

WORKSHOP II: Phago- burst test assay

Main Lab- Flowcytometery



First Day at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel

Second Day Workshops at King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Dammam, Recreation Center



* Symposium registration does not include workshops registration. You need to register for workshops separately.
  • 300 SR
Allied Health
  • 200 SR
  • 100 SR

* Limited seats only
  • 100 SR


The Symposium will be honored by many international and national speakers including

Rabab Al Attas

Rabab Al Attas, MD

Suzan Al Khater

Suzan AlKhater, MD

Hamoud Al mousa

Hamoud Al-Mousa, MD

Saleh AL Muhsen

Saleh AlMuhsen, MD

Hadi Al Qahtani

Hadi Al Qahtani, MD

Dr. Waleed Al Herz

Waleed Al-Herz, MD

Dr. Michel Massaad

Michel J. Massaad, PhD

Fayhan Al roqi

Fayhan Al Roqi, MD

Dr. Sulaiman alGazlan

Sulaiman alGazlan, MD

Dr.Hassan AL Hashim

Hassan AL Hashim, MD


Faris Q. Alenzi, PHD

Professor of Immunology
College of Applied Medical Sciences
Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University (PSAU)

Reema Omer Hayek, MD

Pediatric consultant
Director, Medical Services Center King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Dammam

Gehad ElGazali, MD

Professor of Clinical Immunology
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City- UAE

Omar Chamdine, MD

Pediatric Consultant
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/ and Stem Cell Transplant KFSH-D.

Yamama Abdulla Jishi, MD

Consultant Infectious Diseases KFSH-D

Heba Raslan, MD

Consultanat hematopathologist
Department of Pathology and laboratory Medicine KFSH-D.