Patient Rights:

KFSH-D is committed to providing their patients with excellent medical and nursing care.  We believe that outstanding Patient Care begins with the establishment of a good partnership between the patient, the family and the KFSH-D staff.

KFSH-D patients can expect the following rights:

1. To receive compassionate, culturally sensitive, and respectful care in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

2. To have their care provided by qualified, competent, and caring staff.

3. To be seen by a Consultant within 24 hours of admission and on a regular basis thereafter, and to be made aware that, for better outcome of their care, and for some specialties, they will be approached by different Consultants based on Consultants weekly rotation schedules.

4. To know the name of their treating physician and any member of the medical team involved in their care.

5. To be kept updated regarding their diagnosis, treatment plans, possible significant complications or side effects, and any required follow up treatment.

6. To receive all essential information and that the information concurs with the relevant informed consent for any proposed procedure or treatment.

7. To be able to comment on and discuss the care and services being received.

8. To be informed about the effect on their health should they refuse any treatment, and that if treatment is refused they must sign the Patient Refusal Form / Leave Against Medical Advice (LAMA).

9. To be ensured of privacy and confidentiality pertaining to their medical and social information.

10. To be provided with adequate translation services, when necessary.

11. To be informed of any proposed research that they might be asked to participate in.

12. To be able to refuse to take part in any proposed research or to withdraw from a research program at any stage with a guarantee that such refusal or withdrawal will not have any effect on the delivery of their care.




13. To be discharged upon recommendation from their treating Consultant with the appropriate medications, follow-up appointments, and required instructions / education for home care.

14. To be provided with a copy of their discharge summary to facilitate follow-ups with physician(s) at any local hospital or other healthcare facility, if needed.

15. To be provided with documents relating to their hospitalization, upon request.

16. To have their pain assessed and adequately managed.

17. To be informed about expected outcomes and unanticipated outcomes of treatment during their course of stay.

18. To have the right to seek a second opinion within or outside of KFSH-D.

19. To be protected from any physical or psychological assault during their care in KFSH-D.

20. To have their spiritual and religious needs addressed appropriately, when requested.

21. To determine what information will be provided to a pre-determined family member (or other designated individual) regarding their care.

22. To complain and to be informed about the process of raising a complaint without there being any compromise to their care.

23. To be provided with respectful and compassionate care at the end of life and that the dead body is dealt with appropriately.

24. To be identified every time they receive care from a member of the healthcare team.


In case of emergency, you can reach the healthcare provider through the administrative on duty mobile number: 0545024124


Patient Responsibilities:

  1. KFSH-D patients / family members / companions / visitors, are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of KFSH-D, especially:

    -  The Non Smoking Policy:  KFSH-D considers smoking harmful to health and discourages its practice.  Smoking is prohibited throughout the Hospital buildings, in Hospital vehicles and on Hospital buses and is only permissible in designated areas of the hospital grounds

    -  The Inpatient Visiting Policy:  To ensure the rights and comfort of all patients, patients / family members / companions / visitors will please comply with visiting hours and be considerate by keeping noise levels to a minimum.

    1. Hospital staff should be treated with respect.  Verbal, physical or any other form of abuse of patients towards staff will not be tolerated.

    3.  You must provide your treating physician with your complete health information such as:

    Present medical condition

    Past illnesses

    History of hospitalization(s)

    Medications and Vitamins you are taking

    Other information that is pertinent to your health such as family medical history

    4. If at any time you do not understand the diagnosis or treatment, you must ask for further clarification from your treating physician and / or other healthcare team members.

    5. You should leave valuable objects at home.  Only necessary items must be brought into the Hospital during your hospitalization.

    6. You must immediately notify your treating physician and / or staff nurse of any change(s) in your condition.

    7. You must adhere to, and arrive on time for, scheduled appointments.  In case you are unable to come, please notify the appointment center at the earliest time possible.

    8. You should please be considerate, as priority will be given to patients who need immediate medical care and attention, especially when their medical condition is more critical than yours.


    9. At all times you must strictly follow the instructions given by your treating physician and / or other member of the healthcare team.

    10. For safety purposes, you, your family members, and your visitors, must adhere to the Safety and Security directions issued by the Hospital.

    11. If your treating physician permits you to go for a walk, for safety reasons, your nurse should be informed of your whereabouts and you should return to the room when requested to do so.

    12. You must use Hospital property and medical equipment safely and correctly as instructed by the hospital staff.

    13. You will be held fully responsible for any violations of the hospital’s regulations that are done by your companion.  In such cases, your companion’s permit (as issued by the hospital administration) will be cancelled.

    Photography in all its forms and means is prohibited in all hospital locations, except when there is a prior written permission by Public Relations, Media Affairs and Health Education Administration.

    Dear patient / companion / visitor:

    For any assistance or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Patient Relations Administration by:

    Telephone:  013-844-2222:  Extension 1142/1059/1228



    Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you a speedy recovery