KFSH-D mainly provides Tertiary Specialty health care services to residents of the Eastern Province in KSA.

Medical Referral must be initiated by a secondary care hospital.
Self Referral for tertiary medical care can be processed and accepted in limited cases.

Self Referral patients who seek tertiary medical care at KFSH-D may approach the Eligibility Office directly with the following required documents:

  • Recent Detailed Medical Report including all laboratory, radiology and other related reports when applicable. 
  • Clear copy of the Patient’s ID. 
  • Patient/Hospital Contact Information.
  • completed and signed commitment form (from the referring Consultant).
  • MRSA and Acinetobacter screen results for admissions.

Hospitals that need to refer a patient with tertiary medical condition to KFSH-D must complete the referral form (click here to download it) and submit the referral form, along with all of the required documents stated above, through the following channels:

  1. Ehalati system for all MOH hospitals.
  2. Fax or hand carried for all private hospital.
  3. Fax for all other Hospitals (like military hospitals).


Eligibility Hotline: +966-13-8442222  (Ext: 4404)

Eligibility Fax Number: (013-8414538)